Recipe development

This is how we develop the best flavours: from idea to product! At Private Labeling Europe we have endless possibilities to turn your own concept idea in the field of drinks & syrups into a great product. With our own expertise, our many years of experience and the knowledge of our partners, we can guide and develop your concept from start to finish. Lees meer


Through the collaboration between Private Labeling Europe and various raw material and aroma suppliers, we can create endless possibilities for you. This enables us to offer a broad portfolio, which consists of vitamin drinks, mineral water (with flavour), fruit juice, syrup, energy drink, functional drink or a healthy sports drink!

We will assist you in the development of your own idea into a product from start to finish and can also relieve you in the field of delivery and Supply Chain. We also assist in choosing and designing the right packaging. Together with our R&D department, we will also ensure that your product meets the legal requirements, the legal requirements, so that you can innovate without any worries.

We distinguish the following steps from your concept to product.

  1. Presentation/development of the product idea.
  2. Creation of the product concept.
  3. Analysis of the marketing of the product concept, partly in relation to competition.
  4. Recipe development.
  5. Prototype/sampling.
  6. Manufacturer selection.
  7. Internal sampling and optional external sampling of the product.
  8. Advice on packaging, bottle shape, closure.
  9. Suggestions on design and labeling.
  10. Logistical arrangements – from supply chain to customer invoicing.

Do you have questions about our products?

Are you interested in a new or already existing product? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will work it out for you! We will be always at your service to meet your needs!
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